Our Approach

Our commitment to sustainability isn’t only about operating our own company in an environmentally responsible way. Our high-performance industrial lubricants and services provide solutions to help you do the same.
We’re committed to industrial sustainability solutions that balance economic growth, social development and environmental protection, so that future generations are not compromised by actions taken today.

Our missions

Our missions

At Petro Pakistan we have a mission that characterizes our center reason and coordinates our activities and exercises. We have a dream that depicts our perspective without bounds and our place in it. Our qualities are an arrangement of convictions that guide our conduct and help us to convey our main goal and understand our vision.

Our values

Our values

At Petro Pakistan we've got a assignment that defines our core motive and allows to direct our moves and activities. we've a vision that describes our view of the future and our region in it. Our values are a fixed of ideals that manual our behaviour and assist us to supply our assignment and recognize our imaginative and prescient.

Developing Prosperity

Develop from within company

We develop future leaders from within the company worldwide, drawing upon our diverse employee population. Employees from all over the world are developed for operational and leadership roles, both in their home countries and globally.

Leadership framework

Our business activities require leaders who can effectively collaborate and work in a complex global environment. A deliberate and focused effort across our company ensures that our future leaders are identified early, tested in challenging work assignments with increasing levels of responsibilities, and educated through a comprehensive and effective leadership development program.

The PETRO OIL Leadership Framework is embedded within our business practices and our employee development process. It includes three major components:

Fundamental business principles
Essential personal qualities of leaders
Leadership behaviors to achieve premier business results