Nitro Super clean Gasoline

We know how important taking care of your car is to you. That’s why Petro Super clean Gasoline contains a performance additive package which can help:

  • >> Keep your engine performing at its best
  • >> Keep your car’s engine clean
  • >> Help maintain fuel economy

Using lower grades of fuel can leave harmful deposits in the engine that can cause deterioration in performance, such as hesitation in acceleration. Not only that, these deposits can result in increased exhaust emissions and reduced economy.

Super clean gasoline help prevent deposits from building up and help remove carbon deposits left behind by other lower-grade fuels. To help you get the most from your car’s engine, we recommend that you use Supreme Fuel regularly.

So, treat your car to Supreme and help keep your engine performing at its best.


  • Protects Engine:Protects the engine with the nation’s first lower sulphur gasoline: On top of its lower sulphur content that benefits sulphur sensitive emission systems, the new formulation also removes and prevents deposits, providing long-term protection to the fuel injectors.
  • Better Combustion:Provides better combustion with the technology of the winning formula: The fine quality base fuel produced by world class refineries is an optimized formulation developed through our partnership .With better combustion, motorists can experience longer, smoother drives with each tank of new Ultra 97
  • Improves Drivability:Improves drivability with the world’s first use of new chemistry: This new improved chemistry ensures better friction reduction at the cylinder wall and enhances the engine oil’s function, resulting in smoother acceleration. Our new formulation delivers an overall acceleration benefit of +2% over standard fuels.

Petro turbo diesel

When it comes to engineering dynamic fuels, no one does it better. Petro Dynamic Diesel provides your vehicle with a variety of fuel benefits to suit all you’re driving

Engine protection:    Cleans and prevents engine damage by protecting critical injector parts and exhaust after-treatment devices resulting in longer engine life.

Power recovery: Regain engine performance, efficiency and reliability by cleaning modern diesel injectors.

From Rally To Road

Engineered with the learnings from the Rally, Petro Dynamic Diesel is a high-performance fuel solution that provides you with the confidence to overcome any challenges.

Fuel up at Petro stations and experience a dynamic drive today.

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