Company Overview

Petro oil is diversified in oil based commodities with a portfolio of integrated businesses.Our company markets fuels and products, transports and stores it nation wide. Oil and gas industry is usually divided into three major sectors:upstream,midstream and downstream. Downstream sector refers to marketing and distribution of products such as gasoline,diesel oil, kerosene, jet fuel, lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and hundreds of Petro chemicals. Petro has a deep understanding in downstream sector so it enables company to to grow and to allocate its capital to the best opportunities.


MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEES OF PETRO are executing the strategy that has guided the company since its creation in 2016: maintain strong operating excellence, Design To Fit for the future , to achive market share and develop its employees to sustain a high-performing organization.

We are Industry Leader in Popular oil and gas sector

Fit for the future

Our industry is changing at a pace not seen in decades, more inclined towards betterment of enviorment and the health of local communites. All forms of innovative petro products – fossil fuels and renewables – are becoming more abundant and less costly.Through new technologies, innovative prodoucts produced will dilever efficences and reduce consumptions which will benefits end user and enviroment. We are evolving our strategy – allowing us to be competitive in a time when prices, policy, technology and customer preferences are changing.Our strategic priorities help us to deliver heat, light and mobility solutions for a changing world.

Maintain Strong Operating Excellence

For Petro, Operating excellence encompasses personal safety, process safety, reliability, cost efficiency and environmental stewardship and determined to be the safest and most reliable company in its industry.By maintaining strong operating excellence, we protect each other, contribute to the well-being of the communities that support us, deliver quality products to customers and enhance shareholder value.

Market led growth in downstream

The ambition is at achiving overall market share by developing new competitve business model and with a unique branding.
We are commited to distinguish ourselves from the other players by installing state of the art sites in urban areas to enhance brand image and to set up sites in the remote areas in rural to improve the reach of the product and provide convenience to the consumers.

Build on Petro's High-Performing Organization

Our purpose is to provide Petro Prouducts and improve lives, and we are governed by three strongly held values: safety, honor and commitment. Our employees are committed to building capability, pursuing excellence and doing the right thing. We strive to attract, train, develop and retain individuals with the knowledge and skills to implement our business strategy and the character to live our values.