Petro is a company open to ideas, operating in an industry that is constantly changing. We invest in technology development and innovation and are committed to delivering our customers’ requirements through flawless execution. We also invest in our university recruits to help new employees prepare for their future and to continue to build on learning gained from formal education programs.
We offer exciting opportunities for graduates and interns who want to work hard, to continue to learn and be engaged in finding innovative solutions to improve people’s lives.
Developing the premier workforce in the petroleum industry is the goal of our career development process. We place a high priority on employee development, with an approach based on long-term career orientation and development from within our global organization. Early identification and accelerated development of talent are critical. Regular and open dialogue with supervisors is encouraged. Employees’ skills and competencies are built through training and work experiences in a wide range of assignments in multiple functions around the world.

We are Industry Leader in Popular Engineering
Consulting and Innovative Technologies