Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer
Chaudhry Abubakar

holds an BSC(HON) in Accounting and finance from London school of economics, England. He was born Entrepreneur and inherited the traits of oil business from his father Chaudhary Muhammad Shahzad Anjum who is a well known business man in the field of oil since last 40 years.

Soon after the completion of his education he joined the family business under the supervision of his father.Since then, he has achieved a lot in lubricants and commercial field including the introduction of petro-chemicals product, the development of Agri-fuels distributor model and development as a distributor It is his expertise of marketing and sales that has helped the business to achieve its short term objectives. He has got a combination of work experiences such as marketing and sales, customer services and exposure to the senior levels of companies’ operations. This extra ordinary ability has provided a strategic perspective in assessing and maximizing family oriented business with more opportunities.At the moment he is actively involved in the business development of the company and transforming the company into a dynamic and profitable organization. His young age adequate experience and enthusiasm is an asset for the company.

Executive Leadership Team

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